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Stephanies application

.x.I like my name.x.
.x.Step- on - me .x.
.x.Buffalo N.Y.x.
.x.1. Alkaline trio
2. Hawthorne Heights
3. Bright eyes
4. The Killers
5. Matchbook romance
6. Otep
7. Mindless self indulgence
8. Strike anywhere
9. Taking back sunday
10. Underoathe.x.
.x." I cant breathe with these words in my mouth" _Bright eyes_.x.
.x.Taking back sunday- Timberwolfs at New jersey.x.
.x.Fear and loathing in las vegas
, Fight club, Girl Intrupted.x.
.x.Intensity, Lord of the flys, Sometimes I go crazy.x.
.x.My addictions.x.
.x.Both .x.
.x.Because im an emo basterd!!.x.

...... .X. your opinions. be honest! .X. ......

.x.Ha! Retarded that sums it up.x.
.x.abortion- ::cough:: adoption unless it were rape or something that wasnt planned.x. marriage- Word, I think everyone should be able to have the frredom to marry the same sex..x.
.x.religion- atheist..... .x.

...... .X. now, make these original. .X. ......

.x.Fo shizzle?.x.
.x.1. Hillary Duff- She dosent know how to sing Stick with T.V!
Shes really the only one I cant stand.x.
.x.Being on any kind of stage..x.

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