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...... .X. basics .X. ...... Caitlin you wish you had.x. Lola
.x.nick-name.x. Caity
.x.did you read rule 6?.x. yes sir
.x.age.x. 14
.x.where are you from?.x. Brawley, CA 10 of your favorite bands.x. Saves The Day, Bad Credit, Weezer, Dashboard Confessional, The Aquabats, Pier Preasure, Postal Service, David Byrne, Bush, Fountains of Wayne.
.x.favorite quote.x. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate...leads to suffering. -Yoda that best describes you.x. "Hands Down" Dashboard
.x.3 of your favorite movies.x. He Loves Me/He Loves Me Not, Love Accually, Amelie
.x.3 of your favorite books.x. Stargirl, The Perks of Being A Wallflower, 1984
.x.favorite thing about yourself.x. my niave charm
.x.least favorite thing about yourself.x. my ignorance
.x.sexual preference.x. boys
.x.why do you think you have emo_hotness?.x. do I?

...... .X. your opinions. be honest! .X. ......

.x.George Bush.x. He's an okay guy. Very conservitave and that's fine. I wouldn't have voted for him.
.x.abortion.x. Under certain circumstances I find abortion to be okay. Rape falls under this catagory. However, I don't feel someone should go get an abortion if they accidently get pregnant. It lowers the value of a woman, making it easier for men to disrespect us. If you are going to have sex, use a condom or take the pill. Don't have the attitude, "Oh well, if I get pregnant, I can just walk down to the clinic and have an abortion." I also believe that it shouldn't be a government issue. marriage.x. Not my cup of tea. However, I also think it shouldn't be against the law, or a government issue.
.x.religion.x. I guess you could say I'm religous, but I don't think religion should run lives. Religion doesn't make or break a person. It just is.

...... .X. now, make these original. .X. ......

.x.make us laugh.x. There are two ways to go about this question. One could either say something completely off topic and try that way, or they could tell a joke. I'll do both, although I think I've already broken the moment. Joke is as follows: A catholic priest, mormon bishop, and christian pastor are all on a cruise together. All of a sudden, the boat hits an iceburg, or something else just as damaging. The boat is sinking, and the people are all running for the life boats. As the three men ran to the boats the pastor said, "Save the kids! Save the kids!" the bishop said, "Fuck the kids!" and the priest says, "Do you think we have time?"
Randomness: I hate the mechanical cat that plays Salem on Sabrina.

.x.5 most hated moviestars/rockstars and why.x. The only person I find myself loathing is Amy Lee. She is not pretty. She does not have the voice of an angle, she has an average raspy voice. The end.
.x.something random.x. I'm going to FU for the next four years. Florida University.
.x.your favorite memory.x. When I was 7 I got a Barbie house for christmas.
.x.who invited you (if anyone).x. No one

...... .X. pictures. .X. ......

.X. post at least 3 good, clear pictures of yourself. .X.

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sorry i dont think ur very hot
<3 Steph
thats fine. but how did you like my written answers.