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...... .X. basics .X. ......

.x.name.x. Kat
.x.name you wish you had.x. i quite like the one i've got.
.x.nick-name.x. um..Kat..its short for Kathleen *shudder*
.x.did you read rule 6?.x. yessum.
.x.age.x. 16
.x.where are you from?.x.< b> Glasgow, Scotland.</b>
.x.name 10 of your favorite bands.x. BrandNew, Billy Talent, Atreyu, From Autumn To Ashes, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory, Alkaline Trio, Blink 182
.x.favorite quote.x. "Everything we see or seem, is just a dream within a dream" -- Edgar Allan Poe
.x.song that best describes you.x. Stupid Kid, by Alk3
.x.3 of your favorite movies.x. Primal Fear, Pulp Fiction, From Hell
.x.3 of your favorite books.x. Silence of the Lambs, 1984, The Great Gatsby
.x.favorite thing about yourself.x. um..physically, i'd say my mouth.
.x.least favorite thing about yourself.x. probably my hands, i bite my nails :(
.x.sexual preference.x. i like boys.
.x.why do you think you have emo_hotness?.x. i'm emo, i've been told i'm hot. so..yeah, figures.

...... .X. your opinions. be honest! .X. ......

.x.George Bush.x. because i'm not american, i'm not really as bothered by bush as people who are american. i see the news, and see that he has fucked the world around with his little lap dog tony blair, who btw, i'm ashamed to call my leader. i tend to just ignore it, they've fucked the world up, all thats left is to destory the place.
.x.abortion.x. i am totally undecided on this. cuz if a girl was raped, its not really fair to brng a kid that she is gonna resent as its growing up into the world, but aborting it, is killing an innocent life, so i am in two minds on abortion
.x.gay marriage.x. i don't see the problem with it. if you love someone, you love them..no matter their gender. no one can help who they fall in love with, and who are the government to tell us who we can and can't marry?
.x.religion.x. religion is..confusing. i was brought up catholic, till i was 16, then i got told the choice was mine, and i decided to stop going to church, because although i do belive that there is a god, i'm not sure if god is the way the catholic church want us to belive he is. i also disagree with a lot of stuff in the bible. having said that though, i'm not going to disrespect anyone for practicing, its their choice, and their beliefs, but i just can't belive a lot of that stuff.

...... .X. now, make these original. .X. ......

.x.make us laugh.x. um..a joke! ok, here goes :: At the card shop a woman was spending an awful long time looking at the cards, finally shaking her head "No." An assistant came over and asked "May I help you?" "I don't know," said the woman. "Do you have any 'Sorry I Laughed At Your Penis' cards?"
.x.5 most hated moviestars/rockstars and why.x. Lars Ulrich. i'm a metallica fan, but the whole suing Napster was out of order.
Dave Mustaine. just for being a spoilt little brat.
Kelly Osborne. she is living of her dads fame. she can't sing. she's ugly. get her off my tv.
Courtney Love. c'mon court, the nirvana fans wanna here the unreleased material, why keep us waiting so long? [having said that, with the lights out has just been released. its just took ages.]
JLo. no one, no matter how famous, has the right to throw tantrums like that. grow up.

.x.something random.x. my tragus piercing is rather sore today.
.x.your favorite memory.x. last summer, i'd just left school, and was going to college, i was really happy, and i spent the summer jsut chilling all the time with my friends. it was amazing <3
.x.who invited you (if anyone).x. no one invited me. i found a link on another community.

...... .X. pictures. .X. ......

.X. post at least 3 good, clear pictures of yourself. .X.
really sorry they are so big! :(

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